Learn How Numerology Can Bring You Prosperity and Proper Compatibility

Published: 06th January 2009
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There are many mysteries surrounding numerology. For example, some people think that numerology is evil and the work of the devil. However, I see it another way. I mean when ancient philosophers and mathematicians say that numerology is accurate, I'll listen to them over some angry, closed off person telling me it's the devil's work.

So, first things first. Let's talk about what numerology really is.

Numerology is the science of numbers that can show you the compatibility of your relationships, your lucky numbers, your harmonics and even your life purpose. With numerology, you can also see if you're going to be prosperous, rich, wealthy, or successful.

When it comes to compatibility in numerology, the letters of your name are converted into numeric values and the compatibility between a pair of names is calculated. The numbers from 1 to 9 are given a standard value.

Then, the compatibility of names and numbers are calculated. If the results between you and your current partner aren't compatible, it doesn't mean that you two aren't wonderful partners. You may have already become perfect partners by simple changes in your names. Nicknames are great.

A free numerology reading can help you discover whether your partner (or next partner) will be a perfect match for you. Numerology readings can also help you determine your life path and prosperity destiny. You may also re-discover and truly understand the problems you may have faced in the past. Luckily, you can even explore your special skills and implement them, so you can start living a more successful life.

When using numerology in a way that is not intended for romantic compatibility, like when buying a car or moving to a new city, the matches can be checked by comparing the person's name with the specific vehicle brand name or city name.

A free numerology reading can also help someone choose the right name for their business or company. It's like the ancient proverb says, "Matches are set in heaven".

To find a true compatible, loving partner, you might really enjoy getting a free numerology reading. It can reveal things to you, about you, that you may have never talked about to anyone ever before in your life. It's that powerful.

I know from personal experience that these numerology readings can be very accurate. After I got my free reading, I wrote about it on my blog. You can read it for yourself, once you sign up on my website. (I can't let just anyone read about it. It's kind of some personal stuff.)

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